Hello! I’m Maria and I run Flowetic Glasgow. I’m proud to have been teaching Flowetic® since 2018. I am a qualified Flowetic® instructor with Level 2 Certificates in Fitness Instructing (ETM) and Teaching Exercise, Movement and Dance.

I believe that we all find our own ways to be healthy and strong. Doing things that we love is a big part of that. For me, dance, music, staying active and being with other people are some of the things that bring me the most happiness in life. Flowetic® is a class that connects all that together.

I know how hard it can be to start (and stick with) a fitness class, but there’s something a little magic about Flowetic®. It helps me to find my strength, balance and confidence, and I hope that I can help you to find yours too!

To find out more, contact:

hello@floweticglasgow.com / +44 7502 122891